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Fly Fishing Western Trout Streams,Book Review

My downtime book this summer while camping was Fly Fishing Western Trout Streams by Jim Mclennan. A long time fly fisher and outdoor writer Jim is perhaps Alberta’s most experienced Fly Fishing Instructor who’s writing regularly appears in such publications as Fly Fisherman, Fly Fusion and Outdoor Canada Magazine. Fly Fishing Western Trout Streams was published in 2003 and is 1 of 4 books penned by Jim. The book is focused on the rivers of the Canadian and American West but as Trout act similarly regardless of where the river is located this book applies to and I believe is useful to anyone fly fishing rivers. I found the book to have a great balance of info and storytelling with personal examples and memories from Jim’s thirty plus years of Fly Fishing experiance. Whether you are located in the West or not Fly Fisherman will find no shortage of well illustrated practical information on Trout fishing rivers. Jim shares expert advice on the fish, the categories of streams, methods for wading and driftboating, seasons, hatches, fly patterns,tackle, casting, line control, reading the water, seasons, hatches, fly patterns, guides, and conservation. What makes the book so interesting to read is the way the information is communicated. It definitely is not your typical How To book and I don’t believe it was intended to be. The information is mixed with a lot of great storytelling and communicates what the Fly Fishing lifestyle is about and why people who pursue the sport have such a passion for it. Fly Fishing Western Trout Streams is well worth the read and won’t be the last of Jim’s books on my shelf.

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