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Bow River Trip Report May 10th, Short Float

Bow River May 10th

I was lucky enough to fit in a quick 2hr float last Friday before heading away for the weekend for some camping in Kananaskis Country with the Family. As I only had a few hours to spare between loading up the trailer and heading out I decided to do a 2 hr float from Fish Creek Park to Policeman’s flats on the Bow River. This is a section of the river I haven’t spent a ton of time on in the past so it was a bit of and R and D float as well. This section of the Bow is more known for its large Browns then Rainbows and is a pretty popular section for the guides to float although they will usually take out further down at McKinnon Flats( a +/- 7HR float). I headed out early and for the most part had a pretty uneventful beginning but I did note some great wading spots where fish will sure to be holding for my next trip and when time allows. As I was starting to get close to the take out a Policeman’s Flats it looked as though I was going to be shut out for the day which would have been the first time in over a year. But just as I was about to stash the rod for the take out I felt a strong tap, set the hook and found myself playing a descent sized un-usually acrobatic Brown. Although it was no record breaker size wise it definitely turned what was about to be a no show into another successful day on the Bow.

Bow River May 10th

2 thoughts on “Bow River Trip Report May 10th, Short Float

  1. Hi Stephan, just wondering if you would mind me tagging along sometime especially the on one of your floats of the lower bow. As a kayak newbie I sure would appreciate your insight, helpful tips, and techniques from someone who is familiar with fishing from a kayak in moving water. If not I would totally understand as well (it doesn’t hurt to ask I guess).
    Thanks Don

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